Bespoke Projects

Is your project more of a bespoke type? We can work with you on pretty much any photography project you require. Be that fashion photography, modelling shoots, location shoots, corporate photography, photos for advertising and PR campaigns, product photography for catalogues, websites, articles, magazines and brochures. Approach us with your ideas and we will try to help you achieve your goal.

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Capture the moment

Capture the moment

Whether your aim is creating content for your social media channels, promotion or imagery your own personal use, we will make sure the spirit, essence and atmosphere of your concept is captured.
Vibrant images

Vibrant images

With our colourful and striking imagery we will create an impactful statement you will want to share.
Seamless service

Seamless service

At your service, ready to shot wherever and whatever you want us to. Give us direction or let us roam free and provide alternatives - it's entirely up to you.
Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround

Image selection and post-production takes just a couple of days and you'll have your photos digitally delivered in no time, ready for your use as you please.

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Any Questions?

Frequently asked...

We often get asked very similar questions so here is a summary of the most frequently asked ones. If you can't find the answer to your particular question then please feel free to contact us and ask, we'll be happy to help!

How can I make a booking?

To make a booking for any of our services please take a look at our typical pricing structure or packages above, if shown, and select one that matches your requirements. You can also ask us for a custom quote if you have unique requirements. Simply drop us a message via our contact form, give us some further details about what you require, and we will be in touch to confirm availability and book you in.

How much advance notice do you need?

It is always useful to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. This is especially important for bookings on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as bank holiday weekends. That said, you can contact us any time and we'll try out best to fit you in. If we absolutely cannot fit you in we can enquire with our trusted photography partner to see if they have any availability, so chances are one of us will be available.

Do you work outside of London?

We normally work within Central London but we are more than happy to travel a little further to come to your event if you want us to cover it. Our prices will be the same but we will have to add travel and transport expenses to your invoice for travel outside of TfL Zone 2 and we might require a booking security deposit from you. Please note that the 'Economy' Club & Bar Photography packages are only available within Central London.

What if I change my mind?

Bookings cancelled in good time will not be penalised and you will get a full refund if you have paid a deposit up-front. However, any studio hire fees, travel expenses or other non-recoverable 3rd party expenses already paid in preparation of your shoot are strictly non-refundable. If you have paid a deposit and cancel within 3 days of your booking the deposit will not be refunded.

What will you provide?

We try to ensure all our clients are happy and this is what you can expect from us. We will cover your event and take enough pictures to have a great selection of shots for you ready to be post-produced. Any stated numbers in the table above are to be taken as a guide only as to how many finished pictures will typically be delivered to you as part of your chosen package, not how many will actually be taken during the event which is usually a lot more! Of course not every picture works out the way it was intended to so there will be plenty of redundancy and you don't need to worry if the numbers seem a little on the low side.

Will you 'Photoshop' my images?

All images will be digitally enhanced to adjust the exposure, colour, contrast and crop but we don't "Photoshop" images by default. You can ask for a selection of images to be airbrushed or altered using Photoshop in a certain way should you wish to do that. This is not part of the standard packages though and will incur extra costs and possibly result in a slightly longer delivery time. Contact us for a custom quote.

Can I have my images branded?

Yes, no problem! Please let us know before we develop the pictures and send us your artwork as a transparent .png, .eps, .ai or .pdf file and we can create a watermark to brand your images for you at no extra cost.

Can you provide a second Photographer?

No problem! If you have a large event that calls for more than one Photographer to cover it from multiple angles just let us know when you enquire about availability and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can you do video as well?

Yes, we can! If you you need video recording as part of your booking please let us know at the time of booking and we'll make sure that's covered. Video requires a slightly different set-up and eqipment so please be sure to let us know in advance. This additional service is best suited for short segments up to 20 minutes in length, which can be edited together to complement your photo set. If your primary requirement is video recording you will probably be better served by hiring a dedicated video crew instead, however.

Selection of images

We will make a pre-selection of the best photos and the remaining images will then be digitally enhanced and developed. If you have looked through our galleries you will have probably become familiar with our style of imagery, and nicophoto's signature style has proven to be highly popular with clients and guests alike. We have a pretty good eye for what will work and almost all of our clients leave it up to us, but if you want specific images to be developed and make the final selection yourself then please let us know and we'll send you a contact sheet to select from.

When will I get my images?

Images will always be delivered as soon as possible, but it may take a few days depending on the scale of your event and amount of images we took and sometimes also depending on how many other jobs we have to work on simultaneously during peak times. The typical waiting times are listed under each package. Need us to turn around your images extra quick? You can pay a 30% surcharge and we'll bump you up the queue for priority service and cut your waiting time in half.

How will my images be delivered?

We will send you a private download link to our FTP site from which you can download your finished photos within the timeframe according to your chosen package. It's really quick and easy! If you want another form of delivery please let us know in advance.

Can I have printed copies?

We don't privde an in-house printing service ourselves but we can arrange for your images to be printed according to your specifications and delivered straight to you within a couple of days after the completion of post-production. This will be done at industry standard prices but is not included in the base prices we offer. Just ask for details if you would like your images printed and we can tell you more.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Occasionally. During particularly busy times of the year, such as bank holidays or other major events, if you are a new client, and for all bookings requiring travel outside of Central London, we may ask for a 50% deposit to be paid in advance to secure your booking. The deposit will be deducted from your final invoice. No refunds will be given if you change your mind or cancel your booking with less than three days notice.

What payment types do you accept?

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer (you will find the details on your invoice) or cash on the day of the event. Sorry but we are unable to accept credit or debit cards. If paying by cheque please be aware that this may delay the delivery of your photos until the balance has cleared (3 working days minimum). In any case the full invoiced amount must have been paid, and have cleared, before the final images will be released.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are happy to offer a package deal / discount on our advertised rates to established clients in return for regular committment of six or more bookings per calendar month. Other deals may be available at our discretion for our regular clients.


Photographs and video material provided under any hire contract remain the intellectual property of at all times and are covered by internationally recognised intellectual copyright law.

Licenced Use

Images and video provided under any package will become licenced for your use following receipt of full payment of your sales invoice. This means you may publish the material on your social media channels, your own websites, your public information displays etc. for the sole purpose of advertising your brand, business, event, club or party. In all instances of use, "" must be credited as the author. Further, you must not use your licenced images in any other context or purpose that would breach the licence agreement, such as selling or passing images on to third parties, for commercial gain or otherwise, without obtaining written permission for such use from us first.


Part of our nightlife photography business is to serve our large audience of fans around the world who subscribe to us for the latest club and scene photos. This in turn enables us to offer you our club and bar photography services at these low prices. You may opt to keep this entirely private and ask us not to publish the album on our website and social media channels. However, please understand that you will be losing the huge advertising potential, increased exposure and social reach that comes with having your club / bar images published on if you do this. To compensate for the commercial deficit resulting from not publishing the photos you would also have to purchase the exclusive use rights to the images from us. The exclusive use rights are currently valued at +50% of your package price.


As part of our standard rates our nightclub and bar clients have first-publishing privileges on the pictures provided, meaning we won't publish the pictures on our channels before you do on yours. Albums will usually be published on a few days later, which will further maximise the impact, reach and advertising value of your images for you at no extra cost by facilitating increased exposure and thousands of additional views.